Scrap Bundle Collaboration

Scrap Bundle Collaboration

Welcome to our first Collog! Our collaboration blog!

It’s with great excitement that we announce we are working on a number of innovative and exciting collaborations and will be revealing all throughout the year!

We are so fortunate to have some really fun/ethical bloggers out there who not only love our Secret Products, but want to share our story and join us on our journey to empowering women in India. We will be keeping our supporters and customers up to date with links to our collaborative bloggers, so you can follow them too!

We began the new year on the hunt for 8 crafty bloggers to work their wonders with our Scrap Bundles and are delighted to be working in collaboration with:

We set them the challenge to come up with something creative and amazing from these fabric remnants left over from the production of our Secret Pillows and Secret Sari Dresses, which they have accepted with gusto! We cannot wait to see their masterpieces and show what can be done with a few left over fabric scraps of gorgeous material.


The first creation is in! Click below to admire what Craft With Cartwright came up with.

Keen to get crafty yourself? Buy your scrap bundle here

If you would like to get involved or want more information please contact Sophie at

Sophie Mitchell Heggs