Educational Trip to India for Textiles and Technology Teachers: January 2020

Hosted by Educationalist Lesley Pearce 

Day 1 – Wednesday 8 January

Arrive at lunchtime and check into Hotel Serenity. Enjoy an afternoon of casual shopping and getting into the India vibe. A welcome briefing will take place before dinner at a local craft brewery restaurant.


Day 2 – Thursday 9 January

Take part in day 1 of a spectacular block printing workshop at the famous and world renowned Tharangini Studios in Bengaluru. You will have the opportunity to design your block before you travel out to India.


Day 3 – Friday 10 January

Take part in day 2 of the block printing workshop. Celebrate your printing success with a pizza night and an Indian movie!


Day 4 - Saturday 11 January

Visit Secret Projects Production and Training Unit and meet Makers from the Bengaluru Networks. You will hear first-hand how their inclusion in Secret Projects has transformed their lives.

Enjoy an afternoon lecture on the different types of fabric produced across India by Guarav Shah, one of the owners of a popular fabric shop Ritis. You will have the opportunity to buy fabrics at a discounted rate, which you can then choose to have made into a Secret Pillow by one of the Secret Projects Makers.

This will be followed by dinner at a rather spectacular venue in the centre of Bengaluru.


Day 5 – Sunday 12 January

This day will start early. Everyone will pile into a Tempo Traveller (aka mini bus) and drive 3.5 hours to the state of Andhra Pradesh. You will be welcomed to a community run by Brother Thomas. There is a school, a medical dispensary and a training centre. Secret Projects have been working with this community since 2016. 

After a delicious lunch, Secret Projects Maker Group ‘Nature’ will teach you all how to make a Secret Pillow on one of their treadle sewing machines followed by a session of sharing experiences and hopes and dreams.

Stay overnight within the community and learn how to make the perfect chapati.


Day 6 – Monday 13 January

Take a tour of the school before heading off to meet a rural community to produce silk. See first-hand the process of making a beautiful silk sari. You will hear the story of the sari and how this incredible outfit is woven in to the lives of Indian women.

You will also meet a community of women who are continuing the traditional embroidery art of mirroring.


Day 7 – Tuesday 14 January

An early start will take you to the beautiful town of Mysore for a rest day where you can stop and absorb the trip and also visit the beautiful, famous flower market called Devaraja Market. We will stay at the celebrated Green Hotel for a real taste of old India.


Day 8 – Wednesday 15 January

Travel back to Bangalore ready for your flight next day or take the option of extending your stay and taking the bus from Mysore to Gokarna, a beach resort about 5 hours away. 


Day 9 – Thursday 16 January

Fly back to New Zealand.

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