What is a Secret Pillow?

A Secret Pillow is a stylish pillow that unfolds into a charming quilt. It originates from the world of quilting and is also known as a quillow.

Each pillow is hand made from 100% cotton and come in an ever changing selection of colours and patterns.

Each pillow is individually hand made by women from around the world who are part of Secret Pillow Project.

Secret Pillows are multi-functional and a fantastic addition to any chair, sofa, bed or any space you want to make more comfortable, cosy and colourful.

For Secret Pillow Project, a Secret Pillow is not just a pillow that unfolds into a charming quilt; it is a powerful vehicle for social change.

You can read more about how the project is empowering women from disadvantaged backgrounds in the 'About the project' section or visit our shop now to buy a pillow and be part of the story.